Examples of placing the parcel boxes in different situations

Here is an overview of the many options for the installation, positioning, and integration of our PaketboXXL.

Our parcel box with rear access door is particularly suitable for existing properties with established property boundaries and can be placed directly on the fence on the property side. Thanks to its considerable height (140 cm), it is usually not a problem even with high fences.

The major advantage of this installation variant is that no modifications to the existing fence structure are required. The rear-mounted door allows for parcel retrieval without leaving the property. Parcels are deposited from the street side via the upper chute, facilitating easy access for delivery personnel. They appreciate the rapid deliveries.

Experience has shown that parcel boxes placed near access roads are well-received by delivery services. Shorter distances mean faster deliveries, resulting in a win-win situation for property owners and delivery services.