Receive packages, anytime.

Tired of having to collect your package deliveries from your neighbors or the post office? We have the solution for contactless and secure receipt of your goods at any time and completely independent of delivery personnel.

Thanks to the sophisticated locking mechanism, as many packages can be delivered as fit inside without the next delivery person accessing the previous package. And all of this is solved purely mechanically. Secure multiple deliveries guaranteed.

Our package boxes require no power supply, no scanner, no access code.

Install Package Box XL, leave a delivery authorization with the delivery person, and never miss a package again.

package reception

Package retrieval, front or rear

In your absence, packages are securely stored and protected from the weather. Our package boxes are dust and rainproof thanks to the use of seals and sophisticated geometry.

Package retrieval is done through a convenient and sturdy door, which can be located either at the front or rear of the package box. You can choose based on your desired installation location.

A rear-mounted door, for example, allows for subsequent installation behind an existing fence. This eliminates the need for complex remodeling.

By using a standard profile cylinder, the package box can be integrated into your existing house locking system. Upon request, we provide a standard profile cylinder with 3 keys.

Package retrieval

Safe landing

The PaketboxXL sets new standards for secure package insertion. The robust stainless steel base of the package box is equipped with an innovative rubber band mesh that gently cushions even heavy packages, ensuring gentle handling. Thanks to this well-thought-out system, the impact force during insertion is minimized, reducing potential damage to sensitive contents. The rubber band mesh ensures reliable cushioning and protects your packages from rough impacts during the delivery process. Almost silent delivery is a positive side effect! Your neighbors will thank you.

Safe landing for your packages

Secure storage

With our focus on highest security, the Paketbox XXL not only provides a secure insertion but also ensures protected storage of your packages. The integrated tamper-proof feature safeguards your deliveries from unauthorized access, shielding them from theft and unwanted tampering. The weather-resistant construction made from high-quality aluminum and stainless steel, combined with a UV-resistant coating, guarantees the protection of your packages from the elements. Rain, snow, or intense sunlight cannot harm the contents while they are securely stored in the package box

Intrusion protection with sharp stainless steel spikes.

Unbeatably Large

The Package Box XXL - Generous volume for extensive deliveries and flexible handling! With an impressive volume of 150 liters, the Package Box XXL not only provides ample space for individual large packages but also allows for the storage of multiple deliveries. This substantial size enables convenient and efficient handling, especially when multiple deliveries occur in quick succession during your absence. With the Package Box XXL, you not only facilitate the work of delivery personnel but also create space for the storage of multiple deliveries - all securely and protected in one box.

Capacity of 150 liters 150 Liter

Quality is at the heart of our promise of success

The Package Box XXL - Highest Quality through Solid Stainless Steel and Aluminum Sheet!

We exclusively use high-quality materials for our package box, including 2.0 to 3.0 mm solid stainless steel and aluminum sheet. These materials are not only extremely robust but also durable and resistant to weather influences.

The use of solid, rust-resistant materials guarantees excellent stability and longevity for our package box. Through high-quality craftsmanship, we ensure not only reliable protection for your packages but also an aesthetic appearance that retains its charm even after years of use.

Trust in the quality of our materials and meticulous craftsmanship - for a package box that meets the highest standards of robustness, durability, and aesthetics.

 Material processing
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